Best AI tools for business​
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Best AI tools for Business

Validate your business idea with Validator AI

Validator AI

Validator AI is a platform to validate any business idea. Write anything you want and get feedback instantly.

Example: personalizing jackets for celebrities may be difficult due to celebrities’ unique styles and cost of materials Platform provides insights to research the market, potential competition and available business opportunities.Helps with writing a business plan

Obtain necessary licenses and permits.Ideas AI is another website that generates random startup ideas to put into Validator AI.Each user receives unique startup ideas

Build a website in 30 seconds with builds websites in 30 seconds with AI.Select business type and location information.Generates individual elements including copy and relevant images.Adds specific elements to individual pages

Generates first draft in 15 seconds.Draft can be customized with individual sections and pages.Monthly fee starts at $12.

More options for website building
  • Use established website builders instead of

  • Offers coding-free customization

  • Provides affordable hosting

Portfolio Creation with AI Content Creation

Visitors can select the portfolio website in the hosting gear builder section.Enter the details of the project, including the brand name, website type, and a brief description.

Visitors can use AI to generate content related to their project.AI generates unique content based on the provided information, finds matching images, and generates the website.

Visitors can adjust images, change the style of fonts, add pages, a blog, an online store, or schedule appointments.After building everything, visitors can go live.

Top Apps - A Comprehensive List of AI Tools

There is an amazing website called “Top Apps.”It is a website with all the gems of PayAI including copywriting assistant, video generation, music development, coding, text-to-speech, and email.

The website is updated every week.Visitors won’t miss out on any new websites related to a particular field.

Did - AI To Create Future-Facing Videos


There is a website called “Did,” which uses AI to create future-facing videos.It produces videos with specific scripts and animates any image using AI.

The videos are completely auto-generated.

AI avatar generator and music composer

AI avatar generator

Three ways to create faces: choose an existing photorealistic illustrated face, upload an image of your own, or use prompting to generate a specific face based on different criteria.Select an avatar or upload your voice for a realistic experience.

Choose an AI presenter or create your own.Boomi: make songs and music instantly and release them to the world.

Select the type of music to create, such as electronic or chill wave.The AI then composes the track for you.

Create your own visuals for book covers, wallpapers, posters, logos, and illustrations with AI.Notion with AI superpowers saves time and effort by doing specific things for you, such as website feedback or summarizing what was discussed in a call.

AI can improve your writing by fixing spelling and grammar, translating, editing your voice and tone, and expanding your writing in new sentences.

Looka Building Your Brand with AI

Brand with AI looka

Building a solid brand is important, but it requires time, effort, and investment.In 2023, AI can be used to create branded elements like logos, business cards, and merchandise.

AI can help you validate your idea and business without spending too much money upfront.Simply enter your brand name, slogan (optional), industry, and preferred style to generate your logo with AI.

AI can generate multiple options to inspire and help you discover the direction you want to follow.

Simplifying Google Searches with Perplexity


Perplexity is a new platform that uses advanced language models to give a summary of search results in only four sentences.It collects info from top sources and gives citations, including related searches to help you find top-rated content.

You can choose any source like the internet, academic journals, or news sites.

Creating Social Media Posts with AI on Postello


Postello is a platform that uses AI to help you create social media posts quickly.You can choose between an informational, product-sales, or entertaining post and add some keywords.

The AI will generate the image, and you can schedule the post for a specific date.

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