Design changes for iPhone

Apple is introducing a new design to the iPhone series.The upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra and other models will have curved edges, similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.The flat sides are likely to be maintained but the edges around the screen will be curved.The iPhone 15 series will still have aluminum frames that characterized previous models.

However, the iPhone Pro and Ultra models will come with stainless steel frames instead of the usual aluminum frames of previous models.

USBC ports and color options

iphone 15 USBC ports

USBC ports will likely be used for the iPhone 15 series after the European commission outlined new regulations requiring the iPhone to make the switch.Apple is reportedly switching out the lightning connector on all iPhone 15 models with a USBC port to comply with European Union regulations.

The USBC connector will be included in all iPhone 15 models, and it is intended to allow faster data transfers.In the iPhone 15 Pro variants, the transfer rates will be up to 40 gigabytes per second if Thunderbolt 3 is available and up to 20 Gigabytes per second if USB 3.2 is used.

The advantages of this include increased data transfer rates during wired transfers of images, backups, and other information and potential future device to device transfers with a USBC connection.

Display and camera features

Display and camera features

The iPhone 15 series is expected to use OLED screens. The iPhone Pro and Ultra models will have a marginally higher peak brightness than the two smaller models in the iPhone 15 series.The iPhone will come with an underscreen camera, but this has not been confirmed by reliable tech analysts.All four models in the iPhone 15 series are expected to use the same modem running through them.

Soon, Apple will replace its present 40 nmo-led display driver chip with a newer, more efficient 28 nm1 smaller OLED driver chip.Smaller OLED driver chips like the a17 will be more efficient and further lower the power consumption of OLED driver chip and increase the performance of iPhone 15 series devices.Efficiency gains in the screen might have a significant impact, as the screen consumes the bulk of battery.

Battery, storage, and processor

The iPhone 15 and Pro are expected to be released with 3279 milliampere hour and 3200 milliampere hour battery capacities, respectively. The iPhone 15 Plus will have a battery of 4325 milliampere hour while the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a capacity that ranges from 4000 milliampere hour to 4325 milliampere hour.

All iPhone 15 models will come in 126 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes, and 512 gigabytes storage capacities. The iPhone Pro and Ultra will come with additional one terabyte versions for users who prefer that.The iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra have been projected to have 8 gigabytes RAM, while the standard iPhone 15 and Plus are most likely maintaining six gigabytes of RAM in both models.

Major changes to iPhone 15's design

In a change that not many were expecting, the volume and power buttons are being removed in favor of solid-state new Taptic engines.The power button is going to be a capacitive touch button, but the volume rockers are actually going to be one unified capacitive touch button instead of two separate ones.The mute switch is going to be removed, and a capacitive touch button will replace it. Instead of switching it on or off, you’re just going to have to press it to mute.These changes are quite significant compared to the previous few releases.

Upgraded Lidar Scanner

Upgraded Lidar Scanner

According to Ming Chi Kuo on Twitter, the suppliers are being changed, and the new Lidar scanner is going to use much less power than the current ones.This means that they’re going to save on battery compared to the current ones, but it can also allow Apple to utilize more performance at the same battery level.

Solid-state buttons

Apple is switching to solid-state buttons with haptic feedback for the iPhone 15 Pro models.Solid-state buttons function in the same manner as their physical counterparts, but there is no physical action taken when they are touched.A haptic vibration is employed to simulate the action and provide the impression of doing so.

Solid-state button technology eliminates the need for a mechanical depressing mechanism and will make the iPhone 15 more resistant to dust and water.Two extra taptic engines to drive the solid-state buttons are said to be included in the iPhone 15 Pro Models.


A deep red color may be offered for the iPhone 15 Pro versions.Apple is not attempting to imitate Samsung’s red color.Apple’s yearly new color will be a dark red as has been customary.The iPhone 15 Pro will reportedly be available in a dark red color, in addition to dark purple, green, and blue.The new red hue will join already existing silver/gold and space gray possibilities.

Release date and price

The price for the iPhone 15 is expected to range from $799 to $999, while the iPhone 15 Plus will cost between $899 to $1099. The iPhone 15 Pro will follow the range of $1099 to $1599, and finally, the Ultra will cost between $1199 to $1699.The iPhone 15 models have been projected to be officially released on September 12, 2023.The smartphones are, however, expected to be released in phone shops by September 22, 2023.

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