1. Merlin.ai - AI writing assistant

Merlin.ai - AI writing assistant

Merlin.ai is a chat GPT tool that can be used on Google Chrome platform.It can take the context of an email and write a response to it, saving a lot of time.

It can be used for outreach emails or handling objections by giving context.

2. Notion - AI version of product management tool

Notion - AI version of product management tool

Notion is a product management ai tools for digital marketing that can be used for everything in an agency, from to-do lists to managing finances and onboarding clients.Notion now has an AI version that can be used to create boards, to-do lists, and SOPs for your agency.

The AI assistant can help set meeting agendas, write social media posts, and create pros and cons lists.

TapLio - Lead generation tool

TapLeo - Lead generation tool

TapLio is a lead generation ai tools for digital marketing that can engage with people and send mass DMS to people on LinkedIn.It can create lead lists from the input criteria and send bulk DMS to those people.

Personalization is recommended to make the messages more effective.

4. Behuman.ai - AI-based video personalization tool

Behuman.ai - AI-based video personalization tool

Behuman.ai is a video personalization tool that can record a video and change it based on textual input.

It can change the name of the video, product, or company, making it more personal.

5. Brand Mark for Logo Generation

Brand Mark for Logo Generation

Brand Mark is a tool for creating or generating a logo for your brand agency.It helps you create a logo based on your inputs, including agency name, slogan, brand keywords, and color style.

It generates a bunch of logos to act as a base for your agency, giving you some inspiration.If you’re not graphic design-oriented, it’s a great place not to make a mistake while creating your logo.

The logo generated might not be the end logo that you go for, but it saves you from the idea phase of creating a logo and creating a brand for your agency.

6. Durable for Website Generation

Durable for Website Generation

Durable is a website generation ai tools for digital marketing that generates an entire website and content for you.It helps to create a website for those who don’t know how to design websites, saving an awful lot of time.The tool generates a website based on your inputs such as business type, name, and services.

It generates a not-so-polished website, but you can edit and customize it by signing up for a small fee.You can change all the elements and edit this website as you would on Wix or Squarespace.It saves you from the excuse of not having a website when starting your agency.

7. Ad Creative.ai for Ad Generation

Ad Creative.ai for Ad Generation

Ad Creative.ai is a tool that uses AI to generate ads for you based on your input.It connects client’s ad accounts to the tool and learns all the best-performing creatives.

It creates tens of more iterations of those exact creatives using an algorithm that learns to get you conversions on those creatives.The tool is optimized for sales and conversions, which is vital for small agencies.

8. Texts.com for Message Management

Texts.com for Message Management

An accumulation of all your messages in one place.Compiles messages from a number of different apps into one place.Allocating an hour a day to respond to messages can improve time managementFilters out irrelevant messages and distractions

9. Otter.ai for Transcribing Zoom Calls

Otter.ai for Transcribing Zoom Calls

Zoom based add-in that records and transcribes Zoom calls.Can search through the transcribed content and come back to it at any point

Useful for team meetings and onboarding clients.Eliminates the need for taking notes in meetings

10. Rewind.ai for Efficient Search

Search engine that tracks everything done on the computer.Can search through all content to find information easily

Useful for finding lost invoices and reverting back to conversations.Saves time and improves efficiency

Rewind.ai for Efficient Search

A: AI tools for digital marketing are software applications that use artificial intelligence algorithms to help marketers automate tasks, analyze data, and optimize their campaigns. These tools can assist with tasks such as social media management, content creation, email marketing, SEO, and PPC advertising.

A: AI tools can help with digital marketing in several ways. They can automate repetitive tasks, such as scheduling social media posts or sending personalized emails. They can also analyze large amounts of data and provide insights that can help marketers make more informed decisions. AI tools can also help optimize campaigns by identifying patterns in user behavior and adjusting targeting and messaging accordingly.

A: There are many different types of AI tools available for digital marketing, including chatbots, content creation tools, social media management tools, email marketing platforms, SEO tools, and PPC advertising platforms. Each type of tool is designed to help marketers with a specific aspect of their campaigns.

A: While some AI tools may require technical skills to set up and use, many are designed to be user-friendly and require little to no technical expertise. Some tools may offer tutorials, online support, or customer service to help users get started and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

A: The cost of AI tools for digital marketing can vary widely depending on the type of tool, the features offered, and the vendor. Some tools may offer a free trial or a freemium model with limited features, while others may require a monthly or annual subscription fee. It’s important to research different options and choose a tool that fits within your budget and meets your specific needs.

A: While AI tools can help automate many aspects of digital marketing, they cannot replace the human element entirely. Marketers still need to understand their target audience, create engaging content, and build relationships with customers. AI tools can assist with these tasks, but they cannot replace the creativity and intuition that human marketers bring to the table.

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