CHATGPT 4 is the latest upgraded language learning model from OpenAI.It promises greater accuracy, broader general knowledge, and advanced reasoning.It is the next upgrade for AI bot Chat GPT.OpenAI has been building the GPT-4 technology for the past two years.The goal is to show how to make GPT-4 shine and how to use it as a tool.They have rebuilt their entire training stack, trained the model, and tested it in real-world scenarios.GPT4 can process both text and images.It can also handle over 25,000 words of text.It is more creative and accurate than previous models.It is expected to have even more parameters potentially up to 1 trillion, which is equivalent to the number of synapses in a squirrel’s brain.


CHATGPT 4 vs. Previous


OpenAI will show the first task that GPT-4 could do that GPT-3.5 couldn’t.They will demonstrate the summarize this article into a sentence where every word begins with G task.The model was trained to follow any instruction provided to it, making it increasingly powerful at steering the model very reliably.

GPT-3.5 was unable to complete the task.The same prompt was given to GPT-4, and it successfully completed the task.The audience suggested different letters to try, and the model successfully completed the task for each letter.OpenAI demonstrated how to flexibly combine ideas between different articles.

CHATGPT 4 better than GPT 3.5


GPT-4’s capabilities are an improvement over the previous model, GPT 3.5, in terms of reliability, creativity, and handling of nuanced instructions.According to OpenAI, GPT-4 has broader general knowledge and advanced reasoning capabilities.It is expected to have even more parameters potentially up to 1 trillion, which is equivalent to the number of synapses in a squirrel’s brain.It is expected to have even more parameters potentially up to 1 trillion, which is equivalent to the number of synapses in a squirrel’s brain

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GPT-4 Flexible Language Understanding and Synthesis

OpenAI demonstrated how to use GPT-4 flexible language understanding and synthesis.They combined two different articles and asked the model to find one common theme between them.The model was able to bridge the gap between powerful technology and practical applications.GPT-4’s creativity was also demonstrated by asking it to turn the GPT-4 blog post into a rhyming poem.OpenAI invited viewers to contribute to the model by giving them evaluations.

Companies Working with CHATGPT 4

OpenAI has partnered with companies to use GPT4 in their productsKhan Academy has integrated GPT4 to work as a personal tutorGPT4 is also used to book appointments between two people with different availabilities.GPT-3 is currently the most advanced GPT model.It has 175 billion parameters, roughly equivalent to the number of synapses in a Hedgehog’s brain.It has been used in a wide range of applications such as chatbots, language translation, and even writing essays and poetry.It is powerful in generating human-like text.

CHATGPT 4 Accuracy and Reinforcement Learning

GPT-4 real strength is its accuracy.It is predicted to replicate human language and speech patterns even more effectively than GPT-3.This is achieved through something called RLHF reinforcement learning from Human feedbackRLHF is a process where the model is trained using human users through a feature like the thumbs up or down buttons we see in chat GPT now.This allows GPT-4 to be less prone to misinformation and harmful content

CHATGPT 4 Understanding of the Outside World

GPT-4 is expected to understand and navigate the outside world better than GPT-3.GPT-3 doesn’t have a coherent theory of mind and doesn’t understand that the outside world exists.This can be a limitation in certain applications.With GPT-4, we may see a shift towards a more general understanding of the world, enabling the model to make more informed decisions

CHATGPT 4Training Data

GPT-4 is expected to have even more training data to draw from than GPT-3.This will make it even more accurate and human-like in its dialogue.This is due to the advancements in data collection, cleaning, and pre-processing


  • Chat GPT is built using reinforcement learning from human feedback.
  • It stimulates dialogue and can have a conversation on text and communicate via text.
  • It can answer queries in human-like speech and is based on data gathered from the internet.

New Architectures and Technologies

New Architectures and Technologies
  • GPT-4 can respond using up to 25,000 words, rather than the 3000-word limit for the free version of Chat GPT.
  • This allows the chatbot to provide greater context in its responses and handle larger text inputs.
  • GPT-4 has improved steerability, which allows developers to guide the model’s responses in specific directions.
  • This can be useful for creating more personalized experiences for users.
  • GPT-4 may use different architectures such as the Transformer xh or the reformer which can improve the efficiency and performance of the model
  • However, it’s important to note that GPT-4 will still have the inherent problem of making things up when it doesn’t know the answer, just like GPT-3

Limitations of CHATGPT 4

  • Like all machine learning models, GPT-4 can still hallucinate facts or generate content that is not based on reality.
  • OpenAI has implemented several measures to mitigate these risks, including providing more transparency about how the model works and allowing users to report errors.


  • GPT4 is available on Chat GPT4 Plus, which is the paid version of Chat GPT


GPT-4 has the potential to be a significant improvement over GPT-3Although most of this information is just speculation at this point, we can’t wait to see what GPT-4 has in store.GPT4 is the most powerful AI engine to date.It can process both text and images, perform complex tasks, and is more accurate than previous models.OpenAI has partnered with companies to use GPT4 in their products.GPT4 is available on Chat GPT4 Plus, but one needs to join the waitlist to access the API.

A: GPT-4 is an  language model developed by OpenAI.

A: GPT-4 can be used for a variety of natural language processing tasks, such as text generation, language translation, and text summarization.

A: As with any AI technology, there are potential ethical concerns with GPT-4, such as the potential for biased language and the impact on job displacement. It is important to address these concerns as AI technology continues to advance.

A: GPT-4 will likely be trained using large amounts of text data, similar to how GPT-3 was trained. OpenAI has not released details about the specific training process for GPT-4.

A: GPT-4 can benefit a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, education, and customer service, by improving language processing capabilities and enabling more advanced natural language interactions.

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