Google has opened up early access to its generative AI chatbot called Bard.The underlying technology of Bard utilizes Lambda or language model for dialogue applications.

Lambda has been in testing for months inside Google with a limited outside pool of testers.It is supposed to be a storyteller, and the Supreme is William Shakespeare, aka the Bard.

It goes far beyond what Google search can do with context-specific responses and almost like a teacher approach to subjects.

Bard's Features and Capabilities


Bard is a generative AI product built on the Lambda model introduced back in 2021.It can respond to prompts, generate text, answer questions, and do more on top of that.

Bard has been powered by a large language model from Google that can generate text, write different kinds of creative content, and answer questions in an informative way.Bard can quickly pull together a lot of information into a concise format.

Bard is not meant to replace traditional search, but it is impressive how it can summarize a topic.

Bard vs. Other AI Chatbots


Bard is compared to other AI chatbots out there.It works rather well in our testing when finding answers to questions or explaining an aspect of a smartphone, among others.

Bard’s replies are often phrased in a way that is genuinely easier to read and generally more concise than what Bing and chat GPT usually offer up.Bard’s responses are not always shorter, but they are well-structured.

Bing’s GPT-powered chat experience can definitely do the same things here too, and that’s all based on OpenAI’s chat GPT4 model, which is more advanced than what Bard is currently able to offer.

Accuracy and Mistakes

Accuracy and Mistakes

It is really easy to get other generative AI products to generate nonsense known as hallucinations or simply get a lot of simple facts wrong.Bard is still not quite up to par with typical search results and even some of the competition.

There is a worrying lack of sources for the information that is regurgitated by Bard.Bard is not noticeably better on the accuracy front.

Bard’s responses vary from prompt to prompt.There are also plenty of areas that just go against common sense.

Google's Responsibility

Google isn’t treating Bard like a finished product at this stage and is doing its due diligence to be responsible.Throughout the usage of this system, Google will remind you again and again that Bard is an AI and its information won’t always be correct.

There’s a constant banner under the chatbox that directly says Bard may display inaccurate or offensive information that doesn’t represent Google’s views, which is more than a few of the other chatbots out there.Bard also holds back on lots of sensitive topics that you might try to ask it.

About Google Bard

Google Bard is a new AI-powered language model that allows users to chat with it in natural language and receive responses in real-time.

It is an early preview of the tech that powers Bard, and it is currently separate from Google’s other offerings like Google search or workspace applications.

Limitations of Google Bard

  • There is no icon or shortcut to create a Bard app on smartphone screens.
  • Bard is just a simple web link.
  • Bard is currently siloed off from the rest of the company’s offerings, and there is no Bard in Google search or workspace applications.

Google's Strategy for Bard


Google is trying to be more responsible with Bard, at least compared to some of the other AI language models out there.They are trying to excuse that they are a bit behind the curve with Bard.

There are two ways to look at this, either Google is trying to be more responsible, or they are trying to catch up.

Comparison of Bard with Competitors

When compared to Microsoft and OpenAI, Bard is not better than their offerings.Bard is rough around the edges and Google was right to temper expectations.

Bard’s future can actually prove to be better if all of the data from search or this giant can be fused into a useful everyday product that eventually replaces regular search procedures.At least this stage, it seems a bit tenuous.

Personal Experience with Bard

Some people have managed to get on this preview and try Bard out for themselves.Some people like the idea of getting some basic coding projects prepared or even checked if they are trying to learn some coding themselves.

Some people are hoping to see more of Bard’s explanations or reasonings for their choices of why they’ve decided to do things a certain way.Bard is still definitely a way off the competition, but it’s merely a fun time waster at least at this stage.

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