iPhone 15 – BIG Changes to Expect!

iPhone 15 will have a new frame design, with a rounder top for a more comfortable grip.The Pro Models will have a titanium frame for increased durability and lighter weight.Redesigned volume buttons and a new action button will be added to the Pro Models.The action button can be assigned to specific apps and actions.

“The first thing to expect is a new frame…making it far more comfortable to hold in the hand.”

iPhone 15 Processor

The non-Pro models will use the Apple A16 chip while the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will have the A17 chip.The A17 chip will have improved performance and power efficiency.

“We are said to be getting some new processors…which would not only further improve its performance but also make the Apple 17 chip more power efficient.”

Battery Life Improvement

Switching to 3 nanometers and increasing battery sizes will result in significant battery life improvements.iPhone 15 will have an 18% increase in battery capacity, while the 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max will have different capacity bumps.

“Given not just by the switch to 3 nanometers but also by the big increases in battery sizes…battery life improvements.”

iPhone 15

More RAM and Storage

Rumors suggest that the Pro Models will have 8GB of RAM, an increase from the previous 6GB.Apple is expected to offer larger storage options, with the base models starting from 256GB and going up to 2TB.

“There have been rumors that Apple would be bumping the RAM to 8GB…and more storage is also needed.”

USB Type C

The iPhone 15 will switch from the Lightning port to USB Type-C.However, the iPhone 15 will be limited to USB 2.0 speeds.

“One of the biggest changes that the iPhone 15 will come with will be the switch from Lightning to USB Type-C.”

Improved Charging

The charging speed is expected to improve from the current maximum of 20W to about 35W.Wireless charging will also be faster with support for the new QI2 or G2 standard.

“Your charging speed is also said to be improved…meaning that we will be able to get 15 watts of fast charging no matter what wireless charger we use.”

“The iPhone 15 and the 15 Plus are said to be getting the same 48-megapixel sensor that we got with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max last year…but prores and pro RAW will likely be disabled.”

iPhone 15

Camera upgrades - Periscope Zoom module

iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a Periscope Zoom module, similar to phones from Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, and others.The Periscope module will allow for greater zoom levels above 3x optically.Apple is rumored to use either a 5x or 6x module, which may seem inferior to Samsung’s 10x module, but the resolution of the sensor can affect the results.

Google also uses a 5x module with a high-resolution 48-megapixel sensor, producing results close to Samsung’s.The quality of Apple’s zoom will depend on the high-resolution sensor they pair with the 5x to 6x optical zoom lens.

“The quality of Apple Zoom would purely depend on how high-resolution sensor they actually pair with that 5 to 6X optical zoom lens.”

Is the iPhone 15 worth buying?

It will only be worth it if your current phone is old and kept needing to be charged. Like you have an iPhone 4 and while it is a relatively okay device to act as a backup phone but its severely outdated and unless if you got the battery replaced recently, the original battery likely is dead by this point.

If you have an iPhone or a smartphone from that era (2010~2013) and what I said about the battery is true, then it’s probably time to buy the iPhone 15 when it is out.

What's new in the iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Plus?

So the iPhone 15 series is not released yet but according to some legs the iPhone 15 and 15 + will be having the A16 bionic chip and a Pro feature from last year that is dynamic Island.

What are the different iPhone 15 colors?

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max colors (rumored) As for the Pro-branded iPhones, things are expected to follow the tradition: we will most likely get a gold, a black, and a silver option, with one signature color. Last year, it was Deep Purple.

Why may Apple never make an iPhone 15?

The only reason I can see that Apple wouldn’t make an iPhone 15 is if Apple changes its naming scheme for iPhones and stops using numbers.

It’s either that or a giant meteor slamming into earth destroying civilization.

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