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Microsoft released Copilot – ChatGPT is Now GONE

Co-pilot introduction

Co-pilot is a new feature released by Microsoft on March 16th, 2023.It is available inside Microsoft applications, and it is actually GPT-4.Co-pilot makes it possible to generate Word documents, write blog posts, articles, and stories with just a few words of promptsUsers no longer need to go to Chat GPT for that purpose.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a system that helps you get relevant and actionable answers to prompts you make in the Microsoft 365 apps.The Copilot System is a processing and orchestration engine that combines three foundational technologies to provide this service.These technologies are:

  • The Copilot System is a processing and orchestration engine that combines three foundational technologies to provide this service.
  • These technologies are:
    • The Microsoft 365 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and more)
    • The Microsoft Graph (all your content and context, including emails, files, meetings, chats, and calendar)
    • A Large Language Model (LLM), a creative engine capable of parsing and producing human-readable text.
  • The most important feature of Copilot is that it’s accessible through natural language, making it easy to use.


Copilot starts with a prompt from you in an app.To improve the quality of the prompt, Copilot pre-processes the prompt through an approach called “grounding.”Grounding is a method of improving the prompt to get relevant and actionable answers.One of the most important parts of grounding is making a call to the Microsoft Graph to retrieve your business content and context.Copilot combines this user data from the graph with other inputs to improve the prompt.

Large Language Model

After grounding, Copilot sends the modified prompt to the LLM.The LLM is a creative engine capable of parsing and producing human-readable text.You may be familiar with LLMs if you’ve used ChatGPT or Bing Chat.Copilot takes the response from the LLM and post-processes it.This post-processing includes additional grounding calls to the graph, responsible AI checks, security, compliance, and privacy reviews, and command generation.


More on what Co-pilot can do

  • Co-pilot can generate a beautiful presentation with memories, accomplishments, and advice for the future in seconds
  • Users can add their own personal touches to the presentation, and Co-pilot will be at their side
  • Co-pilot can make presentations more concise and add images
  • Users can add transitions between the slides, making it look polished
  • Co-pilot can turn Word documents into PowerPoint presentations
  • Co-pilot can help users triage their inbox, highlight the most important emails, and summarize long email threads
  • Users can draft a reply using data from an Excel file, and Co-pilot will generate a reply for them
  • Co-pilot can provide a detailed response to specific questions, and it provides citations with a snapshot of the transcript

Co-pilot in PowerPoint

  • Users can ask Co-pilot to analyze the data and give them three key trends within seconds
  • Co-pilot can create a new sheet and visualize what contributed to the decline in sales growth this period
  • Co-pilot can create a simple model of the scenario and ask users if they want to learn more about what it did with a step-by-step breakdown
  • Users can ask Co-pilot to create a graph of their projected model
  • Co-pilot turned a sea of data into clear insights and actions
  • Co-pilot can help users with PowerPoint animations, finding the right words, searching OneDrive for the best photos, and generating speaker notes

Co-pilot in Outlook

Co-pilot can help users on the go in Outlook mobile.It can summarize long email threads, draft a reply using data from an Excel file, and generate a reply for users.Users can ask Co-pilot specific questions to get more context and a detailed response with citations and a snapshot of the transcript

Co-pilot is changing the world

Co-pilot is changing the world, and it is the start of a new era.Users will see more detail as they kick things off with Co-pilot.Co-pilot is not only a time-saver, but it’s also helping users be better presenters and close deals

Everything that users can do in physical meetings will be possible inside Microsoft Teams with Co-pilot

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