Lenovo has released a new gaming laptop called the Legion Pro 7i.The Pro 7i represents a new direction compared to previous generations.The 2023 version takes a quantum leap forward in performance.

Control and AI engine

The Pro 7i is controlled through Lenovo’s Vantage software.The AI engine uses machine learning to monitor gaming and app performance.The AI engine gradually tunes the laptop’s CPU and GPU over time.

Legion Pro 7i

Improved CPU and GPU performance

The Pro 7i is able to push maximum CPU and GPU power to a higher point than previous generations.Legion has achieved this without sacrificing temperatures or noise.

The Pro 7i uses the Intel Core I9 3900hx and RTX 4080 laptop GPU.In performance mode, it gets some of the highest clock speeds seen from this chip.

The Pro 7i has the ability to beat lower-powered RTX 4090s while remaining quiet.

Cold front 5.0 cooling system

The Pro 7i uses a new and massively updated cooling system called cold front 5.0.The cooling system has updated fan blades, additional heat pipes, and larger intake and exhaust ports.

There is an option for vapor chamber technology for both the CPU and GPU on higher-end configs.The cold front 5.0 cooling system leads to a big leap in overall performance.

Rendering and gaming performance

Rendering and gaming performance

CPU-focused rendering apps see a good 20 to 40 jump in output between the 7th and 8th generation Legion Pro 7i.The difference between Gen 6 and Gen 8 models in some games is about 50 fps.

The Pro 7i is able to push high frame rates on an external 1440p display.Legion has distinguished their 5 and 7 series from one another in a bigger way.

The Pro 5i is more focused on portability while the Pro 7i is being pushed more into desktop replacement territory.

Design differences

The Pro 7i Gen 8 is a big departure from past generations in terms of design.The Gen 8 model has shifted to a slightly darker Onyx tone giving you a more stealthy look.

The edges around the chassis are different too.The Gen 8 model uses a combination of recycled aluminum and magnesium, which leads to a more robust design.

Design and IO ports

The design of the Legion Gaming Laptops has improved in the last three generations.The Gen 7 design feels more premium and is better to handle.

The center of extension at the back is slightly recessed for a better grip.The IO labels at the back were LED backlit on Gen 7, but they took that feature away on the new Pro 7i.

The port setup has pretty much stayed the same across all three generations.Lenovo shuffled them around with Gen 7, but even with the new Gen 8 model, you still get tons of connectivity.

Most of the ports are located at the back for easier Cable Management.You can access power USBC 3.2 Gen 2 type c port with DisplayPort pass-through and power delivery up to 140 Watts, which is 5 more than last year’s model.

The 140 Watts spec makes the 7i compatible with official USB PD 3.1 20 8 volt 140 watt charging cement.A couple of USB type A ports, HDMI 2.1, and an RJ45 Jack are present.

Thunderbolt 4 Port and another type a port are present towards the left.Another type a port and an audio jack are present towards the right.

RGB lighting and hinges

RGB lighting and hinges

Lenovo toned down the RGB lighting year after year, which is something that many people appreciate.The hinges were a quality control issue on Legion laptops, specifically with a Gen 5, but they’ve certainly stepped up the quality with Gen 7 and the new 8 models.

They’re smooth to open and have no signs of wobbling.The little attention to details like the notch around the webcam to help your finger get a hold of the screen is welcoming.

Gen 6 had a pretty crazy lighting show, Gen 7 took a subtle approach, and Gen 8 has no signs of RGB.The perimeter lighting is still present, but you get a single strip facing the user, and the diffusion is absolutely gorgeous.

Power adapter

The power adapter that you have to lug around with you everywhere is a significant issue for many people who own gaming laptops.Legion laptops, in general, have had massive adapters that were super unconventional.

That has changed with the new Pro 7i Gen 8 because they’ve trimmed it down to a much more manageable size, making it easier to accommodate inside a backpack.It boasts a higher power rating of 330 watts versus 300 that came with last year’s Gen 7 laptop.

Interior space and keyboard

The Pro 7i Gen 8 looks a lot more toned down compared to Gen 7.The Onyx gray finish also continues here with black keycaps instead of gray on Gray, adding a nice contrast and making it much easier to read the text.

There’s barely any keyboard flex, which just goes to show how well-built this laptop really is.The layout hasn’t changed, and it still comes with a dedicated numpad.

Lenovo’s tried and trusted true strike keyboard system doesn’t disappoint either, and it’s one of the best feeling laptop keyboards on the planet.Feedback is excellent since you get 1.5 millimeters of key travel.

You also get per-key RGB lighting that can be customized to Lenovo’s Spectrum software.Lenovo eliminated the fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button with the Pro 7i Gen 8, but it was available with Gen 7 and Gen 6.The display on Legion laptops has always been some of the best.

Legion Pro 7i

Display Quality

The Gen 7 and 6 series laptops have one of the best displays for gaming laptops.The display is one of the most favorite features of these devices.


The new Pro 7i has an incredible performance gain.The performance improvements over the past few years are impressive.

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