iPhone 15 Pro Review – Better than you think.

Hello everyone, whether you’re a fan of technology or just curious about the latest gadgets, we have something exciting to talk about today – the iPhone 15 Pro and. These new phones from Apple are here to show us what the future of smartphones looks like.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes these iPhones special. They bring a mix of new design, amazing cameras, faster performance, and cool ways to stay connected. It’s all about how these phones can change the way we use our devices.

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So, let’s dive in and discover what makes the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max stand out in the world of smartphones.

Groundbreaking A17 Chip

Within the iPhone 15 Pro’s sleek contours beats the heart of a giant, the A17 chip. It’s not just an incremental update; it’s a quantum leap in processing efficiency. This chipset leverages advanced 5-nanometer technology to deliver unprecedented speed and fluidity, powering through tasks with a swiftness and precision that previous models can only dream of.

Groundbreaking A17 Chip

The prowess of the A17 extends beyond mere clock speeds, embedding what’s known as a neural engine that thrives on machine learning tasks. With processing capabilities that echo the acumen of our own brains, the A17 chip can manage real-time photo and video analysis, enhance AR experiences, and ensure that every interaction feels immediate and intuitive. Such prowess turns the iPhone 15 Pro into a beacon of futuristic computing, neatly housed within a user’s palm.

Design of the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro have a more comfortable design compared to previous models, thanks to contoured edges and a lighter build.The use of Titanium as a material swap makes the phones lighter.

The matte finish all around the phone adds to its practicality.The combination of matte and brushed side rails helps to hide scratches, although the darker phones can show fingerprints.

“The iPhone 15 Pros are more comfortable and practical with their contoured edges, lighter build, and matte finish.”

Forgettable design

  • No defining features
  • No bold new color

“These are a fairly forgettable set of phones.”

Action button

Action button

New programmable button in place of the silent switch.Can be set to trigger different functions.Handy for quickly accessing the camera mode.

“This brand new programmable button…you can set to whatever trigger you want.”

Enhanced AI Capabilities

The iPhone 15 Pro features advanced AI that significantly elevates the user experience through real-time processing and predictive analytics.

  1. Real-time Photographic Enhancements: The AI intuitively improves photo quality, adjusting for lighting and depth to produce studio-grade images.
  2. Predictive Text and Emoji Suggestions: Leveraging user behavior, the AI offers smarter predictive typing, enhancing communication efficiency.
  3. Proactive App Suggestions: Anticipating user needs, the AI suggests apps based on time of day and activity patterns.
  4. Enhanced Face ID Security: The AI now has a faster, more accurate facial recognition algorithm, ensuring robust security with convenience.
  5. Optimized Battery Usage: It intelligently learns from your usage patterns for more efficient energy management, extending battery life.
iphone 15 Enhanced AI Capabilities

AI is seamlessly woven into every interaction, aiding in tasks ranging from the mundane to the complex.

With its AI prowess, the iPhone 15 Pro not only responds to user commands but anticipates needs, setting a new benchmark for smart technology.

Unparalleled Processing Speed

At the core of the iPhone 15 Pro’s performance is a sophisticated symphony of speed and efficiency. Hand in hand, the A17 chip and iOS work seamlessly to elevate every action into an experience of unrivaled rapidity and smoothness.

In this realm of technology, nanoseconds matter. The A17 chip stands tall as an exemplar of cutting-edge execution, with each task carried out at speeds that make multitasking not just possible, but a delightfully fluid endeavor.

iphone 15 Processing Speed

The iPhone 15 Pro’s chip processes data faster than human neurons transmit signals.

Armed with its powerhouse of a chip, the iPhone 15 Pro effortlessly transcends the boundaries of what we expect from mobile tech. It doesn’t just operate; it anticipates, adapting to user behavior with predictive accuracy that heralds a new epoch in smartphone intelligence.

Adaptive Refresh Rate

The iPhone 15 Pro shines with a display that dynamically adjusts its refresh rate up to 120Hz, aligning perfectly with your on-screen activity for an exceptionally responsive experience.

  • Energy Efficiency: Conserve battery life by scaling down the refresh rate when high frame rates are unnecessary.
  • Fluid Motion: Enjoy buttery smooth scrolling and animations, which look significantly more polished and reduce eye strain.
  • Improved Responsiveness: As you interact with the touchscreen, the higher refresh rates make for instantaneous feedback.
  • Content-Specific Tuning: Whether watching a movie or reading text, the display optimizes the refresh rate to match the content, enhancing overall viewing comfort.
Adaptive Refresh Rate

This adaptive approach is not just a technical marvel; it’s an essential cog in the ethos of user-centric design.

Intelligently attuned to inputs, the iPhone 15 Pro’s refresh rate is a silent testament to its next-gen user interface sophistication.

Performance and gaming

Performance and gaming

New A17 Pro chip is faster than previous generation.Graphics performance approaching that of M2-powered MacBooks.Can play console games like Resident Evil Village on the phone.Impressive console-level gaming on a smartphone.

“After a long time, it finally feels that we have something to do with that power.”

Wi-Fi 6E support

iPhone 15 Pro supports Wi-Fi 6E.Requires a router specifically with Wi-Fi 6E.Less congested version of Wi-Fi 6.

“There is also support for Wi-Fi 6E…a less congested version of Wi-Fi 6.”

“These phones…have a fairly forgettable design.”

Camera improvements

Action button doubles as a shutter button.Fastest way to quickly record a clip.Improved voice isolation for better call quality.Removes background noise without reducing it

“Action button…this is now the fastest way to be able to quickly record a clip.”

iPhone 15 Pro Camera improvements

Camera system of the iPhone 15 Pro

The camera system of the iPhone 15 Pro is a standout feature, with multiple improvements working together.The phone can take 24 megapixel photos in auto mode, with no compromise in terms of time, dynamic range, or post-processing.The phone uses a file format called HEIC, which provides smaller file sizes compared to JPEG.

The smaller file format includes both portrait mode data and live photo data.

“The iPhone 15 Pro’s camera system works exceptionally well together, allowing for high-quality photos with smaller file sizes.”

Photonic engine and HDR of the iPhone 15 Pro

The photonic engine, introduced last year, now works in portrait mode, night mode, on the front camera, and all magnifications of the rear camera.The photonic engine enhances details and colors in photos.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s HDR capabilities have improved, addressing Apple’s historical weakness in this area.The improvements in HDR are noticeable and result in better-exposed images.

“The iPhone 15 Pro’s photonic engine and HDR enhancements contribute to noticeably better photo quality.”

The iPhone 15 Pro’s True Tone technology takes color accuracy to new heights, adapting on-screen colors to ambient lighting.

  1. Ambient Light Adjustment: True Tone technology uses advanced sensors to adjust the white balance on the display to match the light around you, creating a more natural viewing experience.
  2. Wide Color Display (P3): Colors appear more vibrant and true-to-life thanks to the phone’s support for the wide color gamut, enabling richer greens and reds.
  3. Dynamic Image Contrast: Depending on the ambient light, True Tone can subtly alter contrast to maintain clarity and readability without compromising on color quality.

The result is a display that not only pops with lush hues but also reduces eye strain during extended use.

From professional-grade color grading to casual photo viewing, True Tone ensures that every image is displayed with the utmost fidelity, mirroring the visual intentions of the content creator.

Photonic engine and HDR of the iPhone 15 Pro

Documentation of the iPhone 15 Pro Camera

The iPhone 15 Pro is marketed as having seven lenses in your pocket, but this is not entirely accurate.The main camera sensor is 48 megapixels, but images are outputted at 24 megapixels.Different focal lengths can be achieved by utilizing different amounts of the full sensor.

While taking a 35mm photo may result in more detail, the image quality is not as high when using optical zoom.

“It’s just a bit icky to call this a 7-lens system when really, if you’re going to do that, you could just add a stop at every single possible different magnification and then call it a thousand camera system.”

Upgrade to the Zoom Camera on iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s three-time optical zoom lens camera has been upgraded to a five-time optical zoom lens camera.The upgrade includes a larger sensor and better stabilization.

The quality of shots from the five-time zoom camera is typically good, even at higher magnifications.The lens provides natural foreground-background separation, reducing the need for portrait mode.

“This is still a very good quality five-time zoom camera, which means that in most lighting conditions, the shots look pretty good even at 10x.”

Upgrade to the Zoom Camera on iPhone 15 Pro Max

Limitations of Zoom Range

The main camera sensor on the iPhone 15 Pro only allows for so-called lossless zoom between 1X and 2X.The gap between the 2X and 5X zoom range relies on digital zoom, resulting in lower image quality.

Shots taken above 2X zoom level may appear rough or of weaker quality.

“In these shots, the 3X image, while flattering, is definitely the weakest in quality, and as you get to like 4.9X, it does start to look a bit rough.”

Battery Concerns and Improvements

Battery Concerns and Improvements

Previous iPhone models, such as the iPhone 14 Pro, had battery concerns and faster degradation over time.The iPhone 15 Pro models have a larger battery capacity, more mature software, and improved heat dissipation, suggesting better battery performance.

Users can expect a detailed battery test in addition to a camera test.

“The iPhone 15 Pro are better than the 14 Pro, with a bigger battery capacity, even more mature software, and better heat dissipation, which should make that battery last longer over time.”

Charging and USB-C Capability

Charging and USB-C Capability

The charging speed on the iPhone 15 has not increased despite the presence of a USB-C port.However, the iPhone 15 can use USB-C to reverse charge AirPods.

The iPhone 15’s USB-C capability allows for charging various devices, offering more versatility.

“What I’m really surprised Apple didn’t talk about at the event was that it’s not just AirPods. The fact that your iPhone 15s can now deliver power through USB-C means that almost anything that you can plug this cable into, you can charge.”

Future of Portless iPhones

Future of Portless iPhones

Rumors of a portless iPhone are far-fetched and unlikely in the near future.Many features would be affected, such as listening to lossless music and transferring large video files.

Current USB-C integration provides stability and longevity, allowing users to invest in USB-C accessories without worry.

“There are so many things that would suffer if Apple made that move anytime soon, like being able to listen to proper lossless music and being able to transfer massive ProRes video files.”

Pricing of iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro retains its price of $999, while the Pro Max increases by $100 to $1,199.The normal Pro offers improvements in camera features, design, and battery performance.

The Pro Max, with additional storage and a 5X zoom lens, caters to those seeking the best iPhone experience.

“The 15 Pro Max is still the phone for people who want the best iPhone. It’s the phone that I’ve already switched to, especially because of the battery.”


To sum it up, the iPhone 15 Pro  are pretty amazing phones. They look cool, take awesome photos, and work super fast. Apple has made them better in some ways, like making the battery last longer and making the design more stylish.

Sure, they have a few things that could be better, like the zoom and charging speed, but overall, these phones are impressive. Apple is showing us that they’re still at the forefront of technology. And don’t forget,  check iPhone SE 3rd Gen in 2023 – still worth it? 

So, whether you’re a tech fan or just want a great phone, the iPhone 15 Pro   offer a glimpse into the future of what our devices can do.


What is the difference between the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max?
  • The pro has a larger display (6.7″ vs. 6.1″)
  • The pro has more battery capacity (roughly 3 hours longer run time per charge)
  • The Telephoto lens on the pro has longer focal length (5X vs 3X)
  • Other than that they are virtually identical.
Is the iPhone 15 Pro Max water-resistant?

Yes, Because Most Of the apple products are IP68 Waterproof Means Water Resistant.

What is the Periscope lens on the iPhone 15 Pro?

According analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last year, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a periscope lens capable of 5 to 6x optical zoom. The technology will allow the iPhone to retain image quality even after applying zoom to a certain level.

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