Lenovo Legion Go – OMG THIS IS SO COOL

The Lenovo Legion Go is a new handheld gaming device that stands out from the competition.It is the first handheld gaming product that can actually play first-person shooters well, making it a standout in the market.

Unlike other handheld devices that cater to casual gamers, the Legion Go is designed for competitive gaming.

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“This is the best of the bunch…the first handheld gaming product that could actually play first-person shooters well.”

Hardware Design

Lenovo Legion Go Hardware Design

The Legion Go features a detachable set of controllers, similar to the Nintendo Switch.The controllers can be easily removed and attached using a button on the back of the device.The plastic build of the Legion Go is solid and well-made, resembling the quality of the Legion brand.

The device has venting for airflow and a built-in kickstand for convenient gaming setups.The hinge design is smartly engineered and superior to both the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.

“The first thing that you’ll notice is that it has what seems to be a detachable set of controllers…it’s remarkably easy to do but it’s not exactly like how a switch works…it seems like a very tanky smartly designed hinge way better than the stuff on the Nintendo switch and way better than the non-existent one on the steam deck.”

Display and Size Comparison

The Legion Go features a large 8.8-inch display, which is larger than the 7-inch display of the Steam Deck.Due to its larger display, the Legion Go is a bigger and slightly heavier handheld gaming device.

Although the Steam Deck feels ergonomic and natural to hold, the Legion Go, while comfortable, feels chunkier due to its size.Comparatively, the RG Ally feels more compact and sleek.

Display and Size Comparison


“The size of the Legion Go is quite big…it feels very comfortable but there’s something about the way that this interacts with the positioning of your hands, it just feels chunkier than expected…Ally feels by comparison like very svelt and small but it is not as comfortable to hold.”

Lenovo Legion Go Controller Features

The Legion Go’s controllers use Hall sensors instead of traditional potentiometers to prevent stick drift.The touchpad, although visually unconventional, is in a perfect position for comfortable usage.

Detaching the controllers does not allow them to function as standalone controllers for multiplayer games.The right controller has a switch that toggles between regular control functionality and a special FPS mode.

Lenovo Legion Go Controller Features


“The sticks use Hall sensors so these use magnets to determine the position of the stick instead of the traditional potentiometer…the touchpad actually…when you’re actually holding it, it’s a nice spot to have that trackpad…this is what the right controller looks like…I mean maybe they could implement some software for really bad controls in a game.”

Unique Purpose for Detachable Controllers

Initially perplexed by the detachable controllers, the purpose becomes evident.The right controller has a switch that, when in FPS mode, enhances the gaming experience.

The detachable controllers are not meant for use as separate controllers for multiplayer games.They can only function as regular controllers when attached to the device.

Unique Purpose for Detachable Controllers


“What on Earth is the purpose of having two controllers that detach that don’t even do anything when they’re detached?” “The right controller has a switch on the bottom that says off on one side and then FPS on the other side…when you detach these things and you have your little product there, this thing…has a switch on the bottom…normally you would have it in the off position and when it’s there it just works as the regular right controller.”

Back Controls and FPS Mode

The back of the Lenovo Legion Go has controls for FPS mode.When in FPS mode, the back controls function as a vertical mouse.It takes some getting used to, but becomes intuitive after about 30 seconds.

The functionality of the back controls is surprisingly good.

“It drops into that thing now, uh it becomes this like strangely functional vertical Mouse and look at that now.”


In conclusion, the Lenovo Legion Go is more than just a handheld gaming device; it’s a game-changer for serious gamers. With its detachable controllers, solid hardware design, and special features for first-person shooters, it’s a standout in the gaming world. While it might be a bit bigger and heavier than some other handhelds, it offers a unique gaming experience that’s worth the trade-off.

The Legion Go’s innovative use of Hall sensors, clever touchpad placement, and the surprising functionality of the back controls make it a force to be reckoned with. It’s clear that Lenovo has gone the extra mile to cater to competitive gamers who demand precision and performance.And don’t forget,  check Best Tech Gadgets 2023 On Amazon

So, if you’re a gamer looking to up your game, the Legion Go is a device you should seriously consider. It’s not just another handheld gaming gadget; it’s a ticket to a whole new level of gaming excitement. Lenovo has certainly delivered a winner with the Legion Go, and it’s bound to leave a lasting impression on the gaming community. Get ready to take your gaming adventures to the next level with this remarkable device.


How does the battery capacity of the Lenovo Legion Go compare to that of the Steam Deck?

The battery limit of the Lenovo Army Go or the Steam Deck, as these items might have been delivered or had their determinations refreshed after that date To find exact and modern data on the battery limit of these gadgets, I suggest visiting the authorized Lenovo and Steam Deck item pages or actually looking at late audits and specialized determinations from respectable sources. Battery limits can shift essentially between various models and variants of an item, so it’s vital to confirm the most recent subtleties for the particular models you’re keen on.

What are the key differences between the Lenovo Legion Go and the Steam Deck?

Comparing the Lenovo Legion Go and the Steam Deck is a bit like weighing options for portable gaming. I’ve looked into this before, and here are some key differences. The Lenovo Legion Go is more of a portable gaming monitor, designed to enhance your gaming experience by providing a bigger screen for your console or PC gaming on the go. It’s like having a larger display that you can carry with you. On the other hand, the Steam Deck is a handheld gaming device by Valve, essentially a portable gaming PC running on SteamOS. It allows you to play your entire library of PC games from Steam in a handheld format. So, while both cater to gamers, they serve different purposes – one for extending your existing gaming setup, and the other for taking your PC games with you anywhere. Your choice depends on your gaming preferences and needs.

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